you probably aren't as hot as you think

believe you me

★ Hot to the MAX ★
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1. You are allowed to state all opinions, negative or positive, against any other members decision
2. No ugly people allowed
3. Automatically accepted if you’re a gungi baby
4. If everybody says yes, you become an elite member and you get free French fries at McDonalds
5. Criminals are welcome
6. If your name is Ackle, Trogdor, Jotey Williamsons, 5Q, or Abbey Road, you are automatically accepted

Rules for Accepted Members:
1. If by any means you become ugly, you are kicked out
2. You must vote 3 times a week
3. Be as mean as possible
4. When voting, place answer yes, no, or undecided in the subject line

1. Name:
2. Location:
3. Sex:
4. Age:
5. Weight:
6. Height:
7. Music preference:
8. Favorite bands:
9. Favorite song:
10. Favorite books:
11. Favorite thing about yourself:
12. Least favorite thing about yourself:
13. Describe yourself in 3 words:
14. What makes you different:
15. What makes you hot to the max:
16. Hobbies:
17. Make us laugh:
18. Are you stereotypical:
19. List your 5 favorite words:
20. Define the difference between hotel and motel:
21. Paper or plastic:
22. Promote this community in one other community and give the link to that community here:
23. Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself (at least one body shot and one face):
**Make sure to write "application" in the subject line when applying and put the application behind a lj-cut