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1. Name: Diana.
2. Location: Long Island, New York.
3. Sex: Female.
4. Age: 14.
5. Weight: 120.
6. Height: 5'6"
7. Music preference: rock, techno, some jazz...more rock.
8. Favorite bands:AFI, Alkaline trio, braid, brand new, bright eyes, commander venus, copeland, cursive, desaparecidos, five iron frenzy, further seems forever, hot hot heat, joy division, modest mouse, hte pixies, relient k, rilo kiely, seven places, sorry about dresden, phantom planet, the cure, the faint, the good life, the offspring, the rasmus, the smiths, thrice && thursday.  [i'm a music fanatic]
9. Favorite song: Haircut Economics by Hot Hot Heat.
10. Favorite books: Define Normal,
11. Favorite thing about yourself: I'm extremely friendly and I have a knack for making even the shyest people feel comfortable & laughing.
12. Least favorite thing about yourself: My nose..
13. Describe yourself in 3 words: emotional, friendly, crazy.
14. What makes you different: My sense of style and way of analyzing situations...
15. What makes you hot to the max: I'm always changing my look, in small ways that make a difference.  I'm really not afraid of what people might think of me.
16. Hobbies: Hanging out, movies, mall, swimming...the typical.
17. Make us laugh: Why did snoop dogg buy an umbrella? FO' DRIZZLE!

18. Are you stereotypical: I think we all are sometimes even if we don't express it.  If we see someone walking down the street, most likely you've classifyed them.  So in a way, unfortunatly, I am.
19. List your 5 favorite words: yeahhhh!, fo'sho, fantastic, horrible & loveit
20. Define the difference between hotel and motel: Motels are generally cheaper and much more basic.  Also many times you can access your room by the outside.  Hotels are usually more money with more amenities.
21. Paper or plastic: paper.
22. Promote this community in one other community and give the link to that community here: Promotion
23. Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself (at least one body shot and one face):


i kind of miss having long hair






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