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00h applicati0n!!!!11!!!!!!!1!!!

1. Name: Janamika
2. Location: n0rth car0lina
3. Sex: gurly
4. Age: i jus turned 13
5. Weight: 87
6. Height: 5*0
7. Music preference: p0p definitely!!!11!!1!
8. Favorite bands: brutney n kristina!!11!
9. Favorite song: im a slaaaaaaaave f0r y0u
10. Favorite books: i d0nt read al0t l0l0l
11. Favorite thing about yourself: i l0ve my mix 0f nati0nalitees
12. Least favorite thing about yourself: im rehelli fat like 0mg!!!!1!!
13. Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, weird, nice, sweet, friendly
14. What makes you different: im really great with pe0ple
15. What makes you hot to the max: i dunn0
16. Hobbies: dancin, chilln wit mah h0mies WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH 0000000000KAAAAAAAAAAY!
17. Make us laugh: heheheee
18. Are you stereotypical: n00 n0t at all
19. List your 5 favorite words: genocide (i dunn0 what it means but i hurd it 0ne day and i th0ught it was rehelli prety), birdie, nail p0lish, l0l
20. Define the difference between hotel and motel: 0ne begins with h and the 0ther begins with m!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!
21. Paper or plastic: i dunn0
22. Promote this community in one other community and give the link to that community here: i dunn0 h0w
23. Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself (at least one body shot and one face):

dis is 0f me when I dance f0r my familee. i editted it th0 hehehe

an0ther picture of me

i h0pe y0u liked my survey thing!

<3 JaNaMiKa
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