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Tra la la... oh... umm...APPLICATION!

1. Name: Colleen
2. Location: Florida
3. Sex: Female?
4. Age: 15
5. Weight: 135
6. Height: 168 cm
7. Music preference: I used to be really into rock and punk, but lately I've been listening to a lot of country and jazz.
8. Favorite bands: Jack Off Jill, The Distillers, Mindless Self Indulgence, Poison The Well
9. Favorite song: Currently: AFI - I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)
10. Favorite books: Crossdressing and Dreamcatcher
11. Favorite thing about yourself: I love... the 90's. AND I'm Rick James, BITCH.
12. Least favorite thing about yourself: I'm just too cool for some people.
13. Describe yourself in 3 words: 100% pure Jamaican
14. What makes you different: My extremely odd sense of humour.
15. What makes you hot to the max: I represent. (see pictures 3, 4 and 5)
16. Hobbies: Hmm, well I have a fondness for badminton. Great sport. I also like to hang out with my dog Kiwi. He's a very intelligent fellow.
17. Make us laugh: Go here. It's amazing.
18. Are you stereotypical: In a non-stereotypical way.
19. List your 5 favorite words: mook, psychotic, viagra, pixel, sploog
20. Define the difference between hotel and motel: You go to a hotel when you are going to have sex with a loose woman, or "ho." However, if you do this a lot, it can get expensive, so you may decide to opt for the lower class establishment, the motel.
21. Paper or plastic: Depends on what you're using it for. In the case of suffocating someone you don't like, plastic is generally more efficient. However, if it's being used for covering the head of an ugly sex partner, I've found that paper works better.
22. Promote this community in one other community and give the link to that community here: As you wish...
23. Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself (at least one body shot and one face):

(1) Damn. I am so gothic.

(2) Scandalous.

(3) Represent!

(4) Represent East Siiiiiiiide!

(5) Represent West Siiiiiiiide!

(6) Body shot. Yummy.

(7) [insert cool subtitle here]

Well.. that's it. Accept me. Or else. <3
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