seXxii LySs (beautyqueen029) wrote in hot_to_the_max,
seXxii LySs

my application

1. Name: 
2. Location: Coral Springs, Florida
3. Sex: Female
4. Age: 14
5. Weight: 86
6. Height: 5'2"
7. Music preference: punk rock, rock, r&b, & some ska
8. Favorite bands: new found glory, the arrogant son of bitches, incubus, beyonce
9. Favorite song: i have way to many, i could write a book full of my favorite songs
10. Favorite books: Silver Days
11. Favorite thing about yourself: I try to help everyone, even if they're my enime[sp?] & even when I feel like shit
12. Least favorite thing about yourself: my self-confedence
13. Describe yourself in 3 words: nice, hyper-active, wildd
14. What makes you different: i dont care what people think too much
15. What makes you hot to the max: i dont care what people thinkg of me and I have many styles.
16. Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing, shopping, talking on the phone/computer, chillen with friends.
17. Make us laugh:
oh yes, you're very sexy;) I think I just spilt coke on my new white pants uh oh ima crackhead :O!!!! ahh!!!...[I'm not very good at making people laugh, sorry]
18. Are you stereotypical: no way babe
19. List your 5 favorite words: i dont have five favorite  .. there, thats five
20. Define the difference between hotel and motel: a hotel is like, a big building for people to stay that is nicer and fancyer[sp?] then a motel.. motels are crappy looking, at least the ones i've seen are.
21. Paper or plastic: um, plastic?
22. Promote this community in one other community and give the link to that community here:
23. Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself (at least one body shot and one face):

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